Saturday, September 6, 2008

Uninstalling FEDORA

I think I messed up with FEDORA. During the first boot of FEDORA there was a power failure. When the power came back I tried to boot in to FEDORA and arrrrr....gggggg.......hhhhhh it showed me some errors which told me that the kernel is corrupted. The worse thing is I could not boot to WindowsXP either because of the GRUB-Linux Boot Loader.

I decided it would be better to uninstall FEDORA and install it on another day. I do not want to format my hard drive, so was trying to figure out a simple way to uninstall FEDORA which does not involve formatting my hard drive.

After searching in Google for a few hours....... I figured out two options
  • The first one was using SuperGrub software which is free. You could download a copy of this software form the link :

as i already told you I was searching for a simple way so I did not used this software as it appeared to me it was rather complex (as it requires you to burn a bootable CD of this software).

  • and the second option, which i followed, involves creating a new MBR(Master Boot Record) for windows, which is quite easier provided you have a bootable Windows XP CD.
To create a new MBR follow the below steps:

1. Boot the system using WindowsXP bootable CD
2. Then enter into Recovery console mode (by pressing R in Welcome to Setup screen)
3. Now you will be displayed with a screen which shows Windows installation to log into
4. Select the correct option(ie., the option which shows where correct windows is installed)
Note:It will be usually the option which shows C:\
5. Type the below command
and press Enter.
6. Now it will ask you whether you want to create a new MBR, press y and press Enter
7. You get a message "The new master boot has been successfully written"
8. Type exit and press Enter.
9. The system will Reboot, remove the CD.
10. Now you will be booted to Windows XP

Now after booting to Windows XP you need to delete the partitions created by Linux to completely remove the Linux from your system for this follow the below steps

1. Right-click on My Computer icon on your Desktop
2. Select Manage option
3. Now select Disk Management option
4. Select the drives which have File System as Unknown (these are EXT file system and cannot be recognized by Windows)
5. Right click on those drives and select Delete Logical Drive option
6. Now the selected drive is shown as un-allocated
7. Now in order to make Windows recognize thes drives, right-click on the drive and select "Create new Logical Drive" and follow the Windows instructions.

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