Sunday, January 11, 2009

How to reset your Linux user password from root

A few days back I formatted my system and installed a fresh copy of RHEL-4(Red Hat Enterprise Linux). I was unable to attend the system on that day, and on the immediate next day I realised that I forgot my User password altough I remembered the root password. I was looking for a way to recover or at-least reset the User password. Lucky enough searching in Google once again saved my day. I was surprised how easy it was and am sure even you people out there would be after reading this.

This is what I have done to reset my User password
1. Login as root
2. Open the terminal
3. Type the below command
passwd username
where the username is the user whose password you need to reset (Ex: passwd chandra)
4. You will be prompted for new password.
5. Enter the new password. And you are done!!!

Dont you feel it is an easy way

Hope it helped!
Good Luck :)

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