Sunday, October 26, 2008

Installing gt-itm and sgb

Yesterday while i was installing ns-allinone-2.33 package in my friends system with the following configuration
GCC:version 3.4.6
I have observed that sgb and gt-itm were not flashed a error that gt-itm cannot be installed as sgb is not installed. But as these are optional components the installation continued and the rest of the components were installed successfully.
The gt-itm is an optional software which is used to create topologies in ns2. It uses sgb-A Stanford Graph base for creating topologies.
As we were working on the area of ROUTING this software is very useful to us as we need to test our protocol on various topologies....
So I decided to install the sgb and gt-itm packages manually.After carefully reading the install file of ns-allinone-2.33 package I managed to install them successfully.
These are the steps I followed......
1) Opened the terminal
2) I navigated to ~/ns-allinone-2.33/sgb/ directory and typed make
It gave me some instructions from which i understood that I need to first type
make tests
and after the tests are successful I need to type
make install
After typing the above two make commands I observed that the sgb package was successfully installed.
3) Now you need to go to the gt-itm directory ~ns-allinone-2.33/gt-itm/ directory
(a) Create a folder called lib in that directory and
(b) Copy the libgb.a file found in ~ns-allinone-2.33/sgb/ to ~ns-allinone-2.33/gt-itm/lib/ directory
4) Now come out of lib directory.....and go to ~ns-allinone-2.33/gt-itm/src directory. Now you need to type make. Now you get four .o (output) files namely
and a error saying "Cannot open output file ../bin/itm ------"
5) After seeing the error I created a bin file in ~/ns-allinone-2.33/gt-itm/ directory and copied the above four .o files into ~/ns-allinone-2.33/gt-itm/bin directory
6 Now I navigated to ~/ns-allinone-2.33/gt-itm/src/ directory and typed
7) And.....the gt-itm package was installed successfully.

Note:I know the procedure I followed is some-what obscured, there may be a relatively easy procedure to install these packages.

Hope it helped

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